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Overview of Tubular Daylighting Skylight 

Large Corporations, Small Businesses and Individual Households are joining what has been called by some, the Green Revolution. For many people, reducing your Carbon Footprint is seen as a must, in order to sustain the environment and help future generations. The Sky Tunnel is a product that will certainly help you achieve this.


Why use electrical lighting when there is an abundant source of a renewable energy available for free. A high percentage of most Electricity Bills is used on lighting areas of buildings during the daytime, when the sun is already providing enough light… The problem is, you’re probably not utilizing this daylight to its full potential.

Natural Lighting

Natural light from the sun is a perfect alternative to electric lighting, for all your day lighting needs – The Sky Tunnel does not use electricity. The source of the light (the sun) is free and it’s a renewable energy, so you are reducing your carbon footprint immediately.

Sky Tunnel – Natural Illumination for Darker Spaces

The Sky Tunnel is a Tubular Daylighting Device, or commonly known as a Tubular Skylight. It is made up of 3 major components, roof parts, attic parts & ceiling parts. This allows for the transfer of daylight from above the roof to the interior of buildings, throughout the day. Commonly referred to as light tubes or light pipes, the Sky Tunnel is very efficient in transporting natural light.


The Sky Tunnel Tubular Skylight is designed to convey light into the building with greater efficiency, security and ease than a conventional skylight design.
The Sky Tunnel Tubular Daylighting Device is a fantastic alternative to artificial lighting. Suitable for almost any home or workplace.

More than the Skylight: More Energy Efficient than Artificial Lighting

Easily fits to ceiling and roof: It is simple to fit into existing buildings.

Quality Day lighting conforming to Global Standards

Tested & approved to the requirements set out Australian Standard AS4285, and the British Board of Agreement, The Sky Tunnel Tubular Skylight combines quality materials with a commitment to ecological sustainability.

Quick and Easy Installation

Simple to install in any building, the Sky Tunnel has remained a favourite of architects and builders throughout Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom for over two decades.

Warranty: The Sky Tunnel includes a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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