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Efficient and affordable to operate air conditioning units are vital for both developed and developing countries to reduce detrimental environmental and health effects of HFCs and other chemicals used as  cooling medium.

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23 00 00 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Low Pressure Compression – It enables simple design of components with no lubrication except that of the electric motor and bearings.

Cost-efficient components – using reliable materials, it allows low maintenance cost and availability of parts.

Very Low Energy Consumption – it uses an electric motor with a relatively much lower power requirement of 150 watts versus 1,200w – 1,500 watts of ordinary air conditioners.

ZERO Global Warming Potential –Timely Answer to Looming Rapid Climate Change due to widespread worldwide use of chemical refrigerants. Per the United Nations Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol, the phase down of the production /distribution of chemical refrigerants is mandated starting January, 2019.

NO Ozone Depletion Threat – An excellent substitute to chemical refrigerants that damage our Earth's ozone layer.

Centrifugal Compressor – An invention for using a unique kind of compressor by means of rotating concentric air tanks; with air inlets that take in enough air molecules for compression in said air tanks. As an offshoot of the compression of air, generated heat is separated /removed from the molecules /attendant moisture; the heat is then thrown out into the atmosphere. The resultant air-moisture molecules with less heat are simultaneously allowed to expand to become cold air.   The volume of cold air is made to escape through numerous calibrated discharged outlets; and, which are then directed back into the room for air conditioning purpose.

Air as medium for cooling – it does not make use of any chemical refrigerant since air is used as a refrigerating medium by compression. The inherent heat is removed and allowed to expand as cold air.

Open-System air conditioning – Air is abundant, free, non-toxic and with zero global warming potential; a portion of air inside a room or targeted space is taken into the centrifugal compressor and processed inside its air tanks. Then, the same is fully discharged as cold air directly back into the room. This yields very high efficiency for energy usage.

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