Navigating through the construction materials listing

Construction ProductWatch is a tool to learn more about construction products available in the Philippine market. The Products tab contain construction material listing, featured products, product feedback (rating), and product categories according to Masterformat™. Product specifications are crucial to product selection, and end-user feedback help shape a reliable supply chain of quality products. The product categories according to function and use makes it a handy technical reference wherever you go.

Design Collaboration

MyProduct Lists

MyProducts List enables the user to create multi-lists: a list for each project, or a list of products from a certain category for comparison.

Adding products to the list is done by browsing or searching products. Underneath each product has an indicator if you have added them before.

It is also possible to move products between lists, as well as, search public lists of other users for reference.

Lists Sharing

Products list sharing can be done in two ways:

  1. Creating a list and making it public so the list can be searchable by any user
  2. Download a PDF version of the list and share the file.

Sharing list makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues for product selection or solutions.


All personal information, data gathered, and communications with the supplier are recorded in the MyAccount dashboard.

All users are required to login to access the MyAccount dashboard including the MyProducts lists.  In order to login, you need to register an account with a valid email.

Product Review is separate from Supplier Rating

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